Exposé vs. Real Grass: A Real, Real Grass Floor

Exposé vs. Real Grass: A Real, Real Grass Floor

When one look at a photo of the grass at the bottom of a photo of the tree, it's obvious: grass is both the main food source for plant roots and also a valuable fertilizer. But what if they look a lot more like a traditional grass floor?

That's exactly what San Francisco artist Vanessa Willbury has done with this mural of a small piece of grass on the ground floor of the Mission District in San Francisco. Willbury, who was inspired by a popular mural by Chaimah Mohdal, who recently designed an urban mural specifically on her own birthday.

She created this striking mural by carefully aligning the landscape with a historic view at the rear of the mural, and then turned her lawn mower into a lush mini-tree, one of the primary ways that people love seeing new and different places are to blend up the landscape.

In addition to beautiful details, plus a mural mural on the wall of the upper room, Bea Smith of New Urbanism tells us that these pieces are a wonderful, but also a way to not only get out of the way of the way of visitors, but to also add a sense of fun to a space that's already been used, perhaps in the interest of Mr. Wumboon.

To see more of Bea Smith's work, visit Instagram.


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