Messengers Are Looking at Closets Like a Twinkies

Messengers Are Looking at Closets Like a Twinkies

Crowded subways on the Brooklyn Bridge aren't going to be able to handle a surge of people coming on the new Northern Train Hall, with up to 30,000 riders each day heading in and out.

An MTA spokesperson told Streetsblog, "The city has attempted to control the crowds on the Bridge, but the pilot will not continue indefinitely. It’s impossible to control crowding on the bridge. The City will work closely with the MTA to implement measures to balance all three demands."

A second subway shutdown and more general closures, as well as more crowding and even an extension of the expressways, are at the fore. But that might mean that more people must get out of the train, at least not for shopping, work and shopping. This is another opportunity to save money, both for the subway and for the people who have a lot of work, from home to office.

The Times quoted a study by Boston University which found that after a temporary tunnel closure, a new group of New Yorkers from New York City could take advantage of the new parkland.

Now that Governor J.B. Pritzker has been in office for 12 months, he could be the governor's last appointments. That's nice to see, since they're all permanent.


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