Real Rooftop Solar Powered Eartech Tiny Home (Video)

Real Rooftop Solar Powered Eartech Tiny Home

Electric trailer parks are the new urbanization that's catching on in smaller, more mobile places. For many of these, these trailers can be towed by mobile electric cars, as an alternative to the diesel-powered trailer parks that are becoming increasingly popular in cities such as New York, Montreal and even Toronto. The latest entry into the foldable off-grid home can be found in Norway, as Oslo adapted its use of hydrogen fuel cells for electric buses.

But unlike a trailer park, a tiny home is really not quite trailer parks. The home is designed and built with natural materials to help it look and function like a real home, instead of a trailer.

The 280-square-foot tiny home is a trailer that features a small, insulated trailer-in-tank system that includes a big glass roof, as well as a portable, flexible plastic net on top. The trailer park also includes two smaller entrances that are located in the middle, to make the home as flexible as possible.

There's a 12-volt battery pack and two 12.4Ah battery banks, plus overhead hookup batteries. The power is stored at a 100-watt solar panel array. The solar panels in Oslo can be swapped out every two to three years, depending on the type of electricity used.


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