Reviewer5 Books About Plants to Ask Why Was It So Easy to Buy Plants?

Reviewer: 5 Books About Plants to Ask Why Was It So Easy to Buy Plants?

A new short film is a reminder to look out for your surroundings when you bring your plants home, as well as the questions of how to do it when it was first planted.

As I was heading out on a recent trip to my favorite local coffee shop in the state of California, I came upon a book called "4 Ways to Plant Garden." Based on a survey from a couple in the United States, "4 Ways" asks, "Why" (read: it's about plants to keep our eyes on the prize), the answers are in the usual suspects, but not so readily available. 

"4 Ways" includes seven questions that I had to ask before they were adopted:

Should I compost my own plants? Does it make sense to compost and use them after harvest?

Is there enough water in an area to cover all the plants? Do I be able to grow so much food in it that I hardly know where to get it? Should I eat it fresh, from an old-fashioned garden hose, perhaps? Can I handle it all from an existing watering can? 

My answer was "no," which was not the answer I had originally given. This is what I said — that plants are a part of the garden and should be a part of the garden. As a parent, I have several plants and I do get off the hook if I see any of them in a vegetable garden or in a fruit tree. But I don’t always see the need to think about it all out. So, that’s where the importance of reading "4 Ways" gives us hope. 

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While I’ve explored all manner of issues before in garden soil, I’ve found some interesting suggestions, some of which I’ve used in the past. These are the answers I’ve heard before in other presentations I’ve conducted and some have interesting answers in their own places. I’ve found that I’ve found that it’s important to have a look at soil, moisture levels, and drainage, and I have had to learn how to grow certain things.

There is so much to ask for, but not many of these are easy to do. If you are in a place like California where there are a lot of food deserts and drought conditions that are not conducive to growing the crops for commercial use, why should you be willing to pay for them? 

How to shop for a container garden

I’ve had garden soil from my own yard for some time. It is easy. I dig down and plant them in a foot-high container. I fill it with soil, water, and organic matter. I plant the soil in the container, with organic matter. I compost the organic matter in the container.

Buy a new container garden

The good news is that you can buy the container garden for free. There are some amazing things about this garden. It means that we buy a little more.

Buy your own container garden

The best thing about this option is that you don’t have to buy the entire box and lease a container from a new company. Just purchase one, if you want to buy something new, and buy what you need for your container garden. This can involve a lot of trial and error. In many cases, the container gardening approach works just as well as the container gardening approach. 

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Plant a variety of containers in a big container garden, whether on a perforated or not. Remember that if you are able to buy container gardens, and even without it, it’s very easy to grow. In most places, a single-purpose container garden will cost more than four times as much as a smaller-scale, multi-purpose container garden, and is generally cheaper.

Plant a garden for all? 

If you can’t find one, you can grow all of your own. This could be an annual or vegetable garden. It might even go into a self-seeded compost pile for each of them.

Plant a garden as a part of the garden

It may seem counterintuitive, but most gardeners probably think this doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice. That’s why some gardeners do it. And because they want to grow the most of their plants, it’s easy to grow the plants in a garden or vegetable garden. They just need to be able to find the space and the plants well to transplant. That's a good point in making the most of all the time.

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An excellent example of that is what a successful garden is like.


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