Staunched Earth Day Facts That Will Make You Feel Happier

Staunched Earth Day Facts That Will Make You Feel Happier

In this year's big year, the Earth is one of the most special moments in Earth history. For millions of years, Earth has played an important role in our lives. The Earth is home to some of the planet's most powerful ecosystems, and more than 400 species, so it's always fascinating to know which others we may have forgotten about.

Here are a few incredible facts that make me feel better in the year:

1. Humans are a bigger than animals

Humans have been roaming the planet for over a century, but not all of us have a grandfather. About 5 billion people live in the United States, yet only a few of the billions of people are alive today. That's because there have been too many humans inhabiting the planet for thousands of years. Only 1 percent of Earth's surface is suitable for human habitation.

Humans are also full of surprises. Animals that eat plants and insects make up 75 percent of Earth's surface, and most are in or near extinction. Humans, on the other hand, have adapted to feed on food sources like insects and spiders, both of which are beneficial to ecosystems. Humans alone have taught us that fireflies are the only organisms that like wood, and they even encourage their own species to hunt.

There are also more than 30 species of man, including more than 99,000 with a wide variety of traits including hunting, fishing, and hunting. Humans have wiped out more than 90 percent of the earth's wildlife and 85 percent of endangered species of plants. Scientists say that humans may have killed nearly half of all vertebrate species, at least in the last few decades, and that they've wiped out 60,000 of the 70,000 species of mammals since the Industrial Revolution. Humans have also wiped out 80,000 species of birds and bats, with the majority of them being threatened with extinction.

2. Earth's surface is full of surprises

Earth's surface is a haven of surprises — in fact you can see why in this year's short slideshow you see what's going on.

Earth is also teeming with surprises. The planet is home to more than 1 million animal species, from spiders to frogs, three species of amphibians and eight species of fish. This year's Earth Day will prove that it's not just a surprise that so much of the Earth's surface is teeming with surprises.

More than 500 species of animals are included under the Earth's Fair Trade Practices for Animals and Plants. In addition, one in five plants and animals from all over the world could be found at Earth's fair trade hubs. The Fair Trade Practices for Animals and Plants encourages people to understand more about the products they produce and to support local farmers.

3. We're closer to nature in general

Earth is home to just about all of the biodiversity. From animals that prey on insects like spiders to fish and birds, the planet has a wealth of habitats to protect. But we're also closer to it than it's usually to be. Earth is home to more than half of all mammals on Earth and its diversity helps protect endangered or threatened species, too.

4. People around the world are healthier than ever

The planet's oldest and richest people have lived for millennia, but it's just one species that's saved. A 2019 study found that the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization notes, "Humans are more likely to be vegetarian, as are most people, but this is just one of many benefits to the ecosystems that support our whole, functioning planet."

5. Their diet is healthier than ever

Despite our well-known negative association with healthy ecosystems, the fact that humans still tend to eat primarily animal products is a problem. The latest study, published in May 2019 by the Centers for Disease Control, found that "one in three men and 60 percent women say they prefer to eat meat and dairy. Their preferred protein has also been declining in some countries, especially in the developing countries where livestock is more widespread."

It's no wonder that the Earth is thriving.


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