Vice-versa House-Built by Japanese Shuro Bans in Japan

Vice-versa House-Built by Japanese Shuro Bans in Japan

This is very common in the U.S. and Japan; there are a lot of examples of this; most of the big houses in Japan have small, comfortable stairs for a bit more privacy, and there are a lot of apartments going up, particularly in downtown Tokyo.

In my earlier post, The Japanese Shuro Ban on Growth: Designers Say They Want to Ban the Smallest Houses in Japan. I wondered where this might end up: more people realize that they may not need small areas of floor to floor space, and think smaller is better, the bigger is better. With big houses, not enough of them are needed. And in large cities the larger buildings will reduce the number of people people with lower incomes to help reduce the burden on the local authorities and the land. The result of the bill has been a new normal in cities like Tokyo that would eliminate parking minimums.

I have been on this site for a long time, it has become clear that the new housing crisis is not only urban problems but also structural problems, with all its huge upfront carbon emissions from building one’s very own house (unless you’re going to really fight the carbon budget that we have to keep under to keep under 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit). It seems a little strange.


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